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Software Development

Your business must respond quickly to meet customers demand. A good business application will help you to improve the efficiency of your work, find out the faults and lacking in your business, cut the costs, flawless transactions above all help you to do your business I the most perfect way in a optimum level of time. The Monsoon Studios offers various type of software depending upon your need.

We carefully research about your objectives, goals, and resource of your business and provide you the best application for your business. In case of building the software we mostly follow the waterfall model and spiral model of SDLC. But we are not restricted to it. Depending upon the requirements and type of the software we follow the other models of SDLC like Star model, V shaped model, incremental model etc.

How we work?
Generally we follow the spiral model or water fall model of SDLC. But we are not restricted to it. It can be changed depending upon the type of the software. More or less we chase the following steps to develop a perfect business application for you.
  • Requirement analysis : We carefully listen to the motive and need of your business and extract the requirement of a desired business application is the first task.
  • Feasibility Studies : In this stage we analysis the cost, resource, risk and the limitation present in your business. We evaluate the area of economical, operational and technical to provide you the application which is best for you.
  • Giving Specification : In this stage we precisely describe the application (for you to understand properly) which we are going to build for you. The specification task is most important where you will get an idea about how the software is going to help in your business task.
  • Planning and Design the software architecture : After your approval about the software specification we plan and design the whole architecture of the software. The architecture of a software system refers to an abstract representation of that system
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  • Coding and development : According to the design of the software architecture we actually build and develop the software.
  • Integration & Testing : In this stage we integrate the software in your environment and test the software in every possible way to provide you a flawless system.
  • Implementation : We deliver and implement the software in the production environment.
  • Maintenance, Training and support : We monitor the system regularly to ensure the continuation of perfect service for you. We give full training to you to use and handle the system.
What kind of software we build??
We make any kind of software according to your business need. Depending upon the requirement the software you can access your system from internet (anywhere in the world), intranet (only from the network of your business) or from one single computer/ machine. We can provide the application to manage accounting, property management, HR & Payroll management, customer management, restaurant management, retail management, keeping records and invoice, transactions, resource management and many more.
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